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Valentine's campaign

Free Now

Valentine's Day isn't always about butterflies and flirting. Because FREE NOW is a fun and joyful brand, we created a twisted influencer campaign.

Vouchers and influencers

Free Now

Another influencers' episode was broadcast by INTERACTIONS and powered by FREE NOW during a trial campaign: pay for your ride with a selfie.

Love is in the air. Don't breathe!

Free Now

Valentine's isn't always about love. Sometimes, it's about funny memories. Our FREE NOW campaign asked the fans to talk about their funny stories.

Influencer era

Free Now

Influencers are a brand's voice to people it didn't reach yet. So we started an influencer campaign for Clever. We implemented the concept, managed the communication between all parties and monitored all progress during the campaign.

Social Media Ride

Free Now

We were in Clever's target, so it was fun to create a social media strategy for both Facebook and Instagram with engaging and entertaining posts.

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