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Mini Internet

Groupama Asigurari

How would the internet look like at its smallest? Well... that how the mandatory insurance is for your house: good, but not enough. Whether you get used to small things, whether.. you might want to consider a more appropriate insurance.

Casco replacement

Groupama Asigurari

Insurance Replacement Wanted! What would you replace your Casco Insurance with? Be creative, think the most unthinkable solutions and win 500 ron!

Groupama Facebook page

Groupama Asigurari

Do you think you've seen it all? We're here to show you the funny part of insurances! And if you think our jokes aren't so good, it's ok - we have a malpraxis insurance for bad jokes ;)

RCA Insurance

Groupama Asigurari

Usually, the car insurance speaks only about itself: I'm fast, I'm cheap, I'm ready, I'm here, I'm at your door. For a change, we created the first insurance that speaks about the consumer. We met half way and we sure had a great laugh, then happier sales.

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