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Be curious and win prizes


Curiosity for the win: Joe rewards curiosity with lots and lots of prizes. All you have to do is to be curious, search for the promotional codes inserted on the products and enter the code in a special circle.

The promotion


Imagine a one year long promotion. That's exactly it: the place where you have a new prize, a new lucky draw, a new winner validation and a new prize sending every week, during a year. In this project, we implemented the website and managed the logistic part.

Dare to say no to compromises


Joe wants to be the official sponsor of your dreams! Get 10.000 euros financing for whatever you might want What would you do with 10.000 euros? Tell us & win!

Dare to reinvent social networks


Social networks are taking over your life? Learn to quit - in 3 easy steps! First: top reasons to quit social networks. Second: best things to do in real life. Third: win a seaside holiday with 9 strangers and see if you can turn them into friends.



Are you a hero? Joe builds you a statue! Show us what you got: hidden talents, crazy jumps, funniest jokes or out-of-body experiences, pretty much everything that could impress us. If you're the chosen one, the statue is yours.

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