Mega Image continues the series of highly appreciated card collections with a new concept: the World of Dinosaurs! We put together a site where collectors can read more about the fascinating creatures and interact with each other. The site has sections that offer details on how to collect the cards, who organizes the campaign, how to play an offline game (similar to a game of cards) using the cards and, of course, the private section where users can display their collection. The "collection market" section allows users to make their entire collection public, to look for other collectors who have those particular cards they miss and send them private messages in order to exchange doubles and help each other complete their collections.


Mega Image

project name:

The world of dinosaurs


January 2013 - April 2013

our job:

Our contribution: Online creative & implementation, cards exchange engine, campaign maintenance, online campaign (e.g. emailing, promotion and engagement through Facebook)

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