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Find your room look-alike!


Tell me what furniture you like and we'll tell you who you are and what Mobexpert room you need. You can win a super-desk and an ergonomic chair. Just choose the room you like and customize it with your photo.

Home decorations&gifts


For every forgotten or unknown feeling, there is a "special something" that captures it and brings it to the surface: any object from Mobexpert Home Decoration Collection. Discover the feelings awaken in you by these decorations, tell us your stories and you can win a special prize.

Find the perfect couch


Find the perfect couch! It's a leather one? It's a corner one? A sleek sofa or a luxurious classic couch? We thought a compatibility test is needed for finding your soulmate couch. And after you find it, we bring the entertainment: there a lot of things you didn't image you can do on a couch ;)

The best decisions


You can see for yourself which job of the future suits you best, and you can use the business card generator to impress your friends with witty job titles.

Your Design Organizer


We don't believe in standard furniture. We think every livingroom is different and deserves a highly customizable design, therefore you are invited to create your own - with a Mobexpert application.

Your design step by step


Did you think that a piece of furniture can take so many shapes and usages? Neither did we. That's why we created an application where you can explore all the possible designs, to choose and win your favorite Step By Step library.

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