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The coolest kid from the block

Red Bull

Win prizes that can make you stand out from your friend's group and enjoy your favorite energy drink. We have developed this campaign mechanics for Red Bull, a campaign that took place in two of the largest Romanian retailers and also managed the winners and prizes logistics.

Your racing spirit has to be rewarded

Red Bull

Competitiveness, adrenaline and speed are always rewarded. For this campaign we developed a very user friendly website and a campaign mechanic that highlight the campaign prizes, making the whole concept even more attractive.

Up to speed with prizes

Red Bull

Red Bull and Promotiful inspired their consumers to pick up speed with... prizes. Carried out under the Red Bull Racing umbrella, the campaigns were created as an in-store activation within the big store chains, with a simple and easily accessible campaign mechanism, developed with Promotiful.

This summer I promise to try something special

Red Bull

Red Bull Editions doses have the same quality ingredients but different summer tastes and they give you wings this summer to do something new.

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