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Maggi Newsletter


Keeping your inspiration source updated every week! Don't lose sight of the most interesting data about digital marketing.

A table full of stories


Come in and take a seat next to us at the biggest virtual table full of life stories! Tell us an interesting story and you can also win a special prize!

Maggi Club V2.0


Join the new Club MAGGI, the most enthusiastic online cooking community! Be ready to make new friends that share your passion for cooking, exchange recipe and culinary tips, share your happy-moments stories and find inspiration for your everyday life.

500 happy families


We created and implemented the online part of the national activation "500 Happy Families" for Maggi. We rewarded all the competitors with digital prizes and we also got to know their stories about what it takes to be happy.

Most beloved mothers


Maggi rewards the most beloved mothers! For your time spent in the kitchen and your love for the family, you can get a well-deserved 10.000 euros.

Maggi Brand Website


Spending too much time in the kitchen? is the online relaxation space you need! With loads of culinary advice, tools and recipes, but also lifestyle recommendations and rewarding promos.

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