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A 365 Days Consumer Dialogue Program

While talking with clients and prospects, we realized that most B2C businesses (e.g. FMCG) who own a consumer database:

a) don't have a coherent communication plan with their consumer database;
b) should do something about it;
c) there is never enough time. 

We designed IMPACTFUL to address this situation specifically:

  • 365 days content strategy;

  • Continuous communication with your consumer database;

  • Minimize the impact of 3rd party cookies being phased out soon;

  • Secure and GDPR-compliant database solution.


 3 stages of IMPACTFUL

1.​ Database set-up

We collect consumer databases in any format, clean, consolidate, and separate them into consumers with and without communication consent.
We add the resulting database to our platforms built in accordance with GDPR regulations and segment it on various criteria.

2. Content strategy and delivery

We establish, together, a key message to imprint in your consumer’s minds. Then we develop a 365 days content strategy and communication plan that we deliver according to the previous segmented database. Each consumer receives no more and no less than one message per month.

3. Reporting

Monthly report of the database’s statuses - users’ consent and activity and monthly qualitative reporting based on consumers’ replies to be used in the following month's communication.


Specific database programs also available 

Not sure how large your database is? Or how lengthy your communication should be? We also offer specific content strategy solutions.

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